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Cash & Check Payments


To pay with cash or check, students may hand deliver payments to Mr. Poynor in an envelope with:


  • Student's first & last name

  • What the payment is for (ex: My Fair Share fee, No Hassle Fundraiser and Soloist Family Sponsorship)

  • If a sponsorship is being purchased, please include what you would like your donor acknowledgement to read: (ex: The Smith Family,  John Smith, Anonymous)

  • If a yard sign is being purchased or included in a sponsorship package, please include the name to print on the sign

My Fair Share - $125
100% of funds used to directlybenefit students or the HS Choir program:
  • Covers the cost of choir T-shirts, scholarships, choir binder and pencils
  • Covers the cost of student meals before concerts and at special events
  • Covers the cost of professional cleaning of uniforms
  • Helps pay for guest clinicians
If you would like to request scholarship assistance, please contact Mr. Poynor at
No Hassle Fundraiser - $25-100
in lieu of students selling tickets to events or items door to door.
Thank you for your support of the Lake Travis High School Choir Program!
Conductor Level Family Sponsorship  - $1,000
Virtuoso Level Family Sponsorship  - $500
Soloist Level Family Sponsorship  - $250
Ensemble Level Family Sponsorship  - $100
Yard Sign - $35
Car Decal - $10
Sticker (use it alone or add it to your sign) - $5
Lake Travis Choir Parents · PO Box 341024 · Austin, TX 78734
EIN: 27-2164211
Lake Travis Choir Parents is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of the US Internal Revenue Code. 
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